Business Model

Business Values

Supply Chain & Quality

Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction: Five independent production partners

  • Germany (2)
  • Switzerland (1)
  • Thailand (1)
  • China (1)
Top Quality Manufacturing

Quality: ISO 9001 Compliant Manufacturing

  • Full functional production test
  • Full product traceability, based on serial number tracking
Global Logistics for Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery: Warehouses close to the Customer

  • Germany, Switzerland, USA, China and India

Mission & Strategy



Innovative Business Model

Exclusively Direct Sales

Exclusively direct sales

  • Low cost
  • Direct customer contact and support
  • Worldwide customer base
Advance Payment leads to Cost Savings

Customers pay in advance

Payment terms with suppliers are 90 days

  • Global trade without risk: no accounts receivable losses make low margins possible
  • No external financing required
Global Setup of Independent Companies

Global setup of fully independent companies

  • Virtually indestructible operations due to limitation of liability risks
  • Always able to serve customers

Research and Development

Toradex is built on innovation and maintains very close links to several technical universities. Our products are very popular with universities and research labs, such as all Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences, ETH Zurich (ETHZ Switzerland), EPFL Lausanne (EPFL Switzerland), University of California Berkeley (USA), Boston University (USA), Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Seoul National University (South Korea), Fraunhofer Institute (Germany), University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), University of Malaga (Spain), ITRI (Taiwan), National University of Singapore, and Silesian University of Technology (Poland).