Value Proposition


“This is pretty impressive! Blogged and twitted”
- Oliver Bloch, Microsoft Blogger, about the Instant boot -
“Toradex products are boring. You simply start them up and they work”
- A Customer -

Leading in Embedded ARM™ Computer Modules

World Leading in ARM Computer Modules

World leading in embedded ARM™ computer modules

Rock Solid Technology

Rock solid technology, deployed in virtually any industry worldwide

World’s fastest Windows CE™ cold boot time

World’s fastest Windows CE™ cold boot time in 480 ms

Long term product availability and product inter-compatibility

Long term product availability and product inter-compatibility

Extensive customer support

Extensive and pro-active customer support


Our products run out of the box. They are highly standardized, yet fully configurable and scalable in performance. They are used in countless applications across diverse industries and markets.


Our customers' success is our success

Hardware Resources

Extensive hardware design support: schematics, IPC compliant libraries and layout of carrier boards freely available in Altium™ Designer format

  • Cost savings by leveraging economies of scale across all COMs
  • Scalability enabled by pin compatible COMs and standard software APIs
Optimized Software

Highly optimized software: developed in-house, resource efficient, small memory footprint, fast boot time, high performance

  • Extremely robust, proven in thousands of different deployed applications over a huge range of operating environments
Long Term Roadmap

Free of charge direct support by our development engineers at Toradex' discretion: clear, content rich on-line resources, lifetime product maintenance and long term roadmap

Windows® CE / Windows Embedded Compact Ecosystem

Software Ecosystem

All ARM computer modules from Toradex come with a Windows CE V5/6 license and preinstalled WinCE image. Windows Embedded Compact 7 is also available.

  • Most WinCE customers use the Toradex standard Windows CE image due to the inbuilt flexibility and configurability
  • Reduces customer’s development expenses and increases reliability due to diverse applications in numerous industries

Enhanced feature set compared to a standard Windows CE platform

  • Provides an unparalleled, easy to use and configure OS

Customizations to the windows registry

  • Allows easy configuration of a wide range of OS parameters and driver settings, e.g. display configuration and power management

Portfolio of software libraries, tools and utilities available to customers to speed up development time by re-using software

  • Workspace files and libraries provided
  • Allows customers to build their own image rapidly, leveraging the Toradex adaptations
  • No source code provided, thus constantly improving OS stability through customer feedback from diverse industries

Embedded Linux Ecosystem

  • Linux is free and open-source software with a community backed support base that is not restricted to the employees of a single software company
  • Our optimized embedded Linux BSPs are developed and supported in-house (no third party involvement required)
  • Our developer web site contains hands-on documentation and a transparent development road map
  • All peripherals within a module's default pin mux and our add-on products such as camera modules, (multi) touch displays and Wi-Fi sticks are supported out-of-the-box
  • A custom resource monitor as well as an easy-to-use GPIO configurator is provided
  • Toradex' embedded Linux BSPs are based on Angstrom/OpenEmbedded being fully Yocto compatible
  • Linux kernel, U-Boot source code and the OpenEmbedded meta data is provided on
  • Customers have the ability to modify and redistribute the source code
  • Most standard Linux packages are already part of OpenEmbedded and can be cross-compiled and run without any issues
  • Customers can easily add their custom applications to their OpenEmbedded setup to get a reproducible deployment path for their products.
  • We continuously up-stream support for our latest modules into mainline U-Boot and the mainline Linux kernel