Freescale Vybrid VF5xx Computer on Module - Colibri VF50


Powered by Freescale Vybrid Processor

The Colibri VF50 is the latest addition to the Colibri ARM based computer on module product family.

The Colibri VF50 is a SODIMM sized computer module based on the Freescale Vybrid embedded system-on-a-chip. The Cortex A5 CPU peaks at 400 MHz. The module delivers cost effective CPU and graphic performance with minimum power consumption.

The Vybrid VF5xx family is a single-core (ARM Cortex-A5) solution with 1.5 MB on-chip SRAM, DDR3 memory interface, dual high-speed USB with PHY, dual Ethernet with an L2 switch, and a digital video camera interface. VF5xx devices are also software and pin compatible with the VF6xx Vybrid Controller family that also includes a second core (Cortex-M4 core) potentially eliminating the need for an external MCU or field programmable gate array (FPGA).

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

Colibri V50 is ideal for applications including simple HMI in appliances and industrial machines, secure control of infrastructure and manufacturing equipment, energy conversion applications such as motor drives and power inverters, ruggedized wired and wireless connectivity, and control of mobile battery-operated systems such as robots and industrial vehicles.

Easy Performance Upgrade

Existing customers will benefit from an extremely easy migration path between the current Colibri PXAxxx or Colibri Txx module range to the Colibri VF50 – all Colibri modules are electrically pin compatible. New customers will also appreciate the ability to select the Colibri module most suitable for their application to achieve the optimum price/performance balance without the need to support different carrier board designs.