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Display EDT 5.7"
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124.7 (W) x 100 (H) x 11.7 (D) (MAX) mm
EDT 5.7" Display with 640x480px
18-bit RGB
4-Wire Resistive Touch
Unified TFT Interface from EDT
250mm FFC cable
-10° to 60° C
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5.7" TFT VGA with Touch Display for Apalis & Colibri modules

EDT 5.7" Display with 640x480px, 18-bit RGB, 4-Wire Resistive Touch, Unified TFT Interface from EDT, 250mm FFC cable, -10° to 60° C, Range. Size: 124.7 (W) x 100 (H) x 11.7 (D) (MAX) mm.

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USD 114.25

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