Electric Mobility and High Efficiency Power Conversion

ADVANTICS specializes in Charge technology for Electric Vehicles.
Key offerings include Silicon Carbide Power Converters, Charge Station and Vehicle onboard control units.

  • CCS protocol (DIN SPEC 70121 and ISO 15118)
  • Open Charge Point Protocol 1.6-J (OCPP 1.6-J)
  • CHAdeMO protocol (with V2X extension)
  • 4G connectivity modules available for all zones
  • AC charging supported (J1772, IEC 61851-1)

ADVANTICS is a company focusing on research and development in the field of Electric Mobility and high efficiency power conversion. Our products consist of Charge Controllers for fast DC charging standards, Silicon Carbide EV chargers with highest efficiency on the market, and general-purpose power converters for grid, off-grid and DC/DC applications.

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Charge Controllers

Electric vehicle charging station communication controllers

Powered by Toradex Systems on Modules (SoMs), ADVANTICS’ Charge controllers are well-known for their versatility, thanks to built-in charge communication stacks, support of user-written applications (Python, C++), and industrial interfaces.

Charge Controllers for CHAdeMO and CCS charging require a lot of computational power and low latency, and often are connected to the cloud and payment systems. ADVANTICS started its development using Toradex’s Colibri iMX6 SoMs for the first generation of controllers, and later added controllers based on the Colibri iMX7.

Thanks to the very practical form factor of these SoMs, the company was able to also design controllers for onboard vehicle use utilizing the same platform.

ADM-CS-SECC – EVSE / ESECC Supply Equipment Charger Controller supporting CCS, CHAdeMO, AC, with 4G capabilities

ADM-CO-CUI1 – General purpose charge controller for lab use and portable stations, supporting both Vehicle as well as Charger communication

ADM-CS-EVCC – PEV / EVCC on board CCS electric vehicle charge controller in automotive housing

Starter Kits

Here are some recommended product combinations to get you started. The combinations are fully customizable for your needs.
If you like help to select the best hardware for your project please connect with us.

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Modern All-Purpose Starter Kit

  • Free Torizon Platform with OTA and Developer Tool integration
  • Several Display interfaces LVDS/DSI/HDMI
  • Inline ECC Memory for high reliability
  • Machine Learning Accelerator and Camera Interfaces
  • Compact and Cost-effective
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    High-Performance Advanced Functional Safety Features

    • Free Torizon Platform with OTA and Developer Tool integration
    • Highest CPU and GPU performance
    • Integrated Microcontroller for Safety or Realtime
    • Also Available with QNX
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      High-End HMI With Wi-Fi Starter Kit

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      Maivin - Modular full-stack AI Vision System Kit

      • Full Stack Solutions
      • Torizon Platform with Linux OS, OTA, and Device Monitoring
      • DeepView™ and eIQ Portal™ Machine Learning Integration
      • NXP® i.MX 8M Plus Applications Processor with NPU
      • Modular, compact design suitable for field deployment
      • Camera Sensor
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