Toradex System on Modules are very popular in Medical Devices and Laboratory equipment. Many aspects of our business are optimized to fit the needs of the Medical equipment industry.

We perform extensive testing on our products and we utilize the test results from our medical customers to improve the quality of our System on Modules.


10+ years product availability with a proven track record, product change process optimized for medical devices

Isolate critical and non-critical tasks using hybrid architectures with Cortex-M and -A cores or SoC HW virtualization

Designed for highest reliability in critical applications; ECC, single level flash, industrial temperature options….

Extensive functional testing and traceability of each module

Proven in certified medical devices around the world

Powerful GPU and DSPs for Deep Learning and Signal Processing applications

Application Areas


ECG and Dialysis machines


Patient Monitoring systems


Blood / DNA testing


Infusion controllers

Case study

Toradex Case study - Arcomed