Retail & Ticketing

Retail & Ticketing

In the retail industry, customer experience is crucial. Toradex helps its customers to create great customer experiences. Our System on Modules (SoMs) are widely used in retail and ticketing applications, such as point of sale systems, ticket vending machines, professional appliances, etc. All this is thanks to the reliability, connectivity and power efficiency of our SoMs.

For example, Toradex SoMs are used to guide customers to brew delicious coffees using a beautiful graphical user interface (GUI). In other contexts, our modules control access to stadiums, theme parks, parking garages and more. The combination of powerful graphics units and collaboration with companies like Qt and Crank makes it easy to build an attractive GUI. Industrial interfaces and drivers help you to integrate peripherals like payment systems, fingerprint readers, actuators and motors.


Proven and tested platform for minimum field maintenance

Industry-standard interfaces to connect peripherals

Wide operating temperature range allowing for outdoor deployment

Long-term availability allows maintaining and extending existing installations

Low power consumption for portable devices with extended battery life

Highest reliability for uninterrupted customer experiences



Ticket kiosks


Vending and coffee machines


Point of sale (PoS) devices


People tracking

Case Study

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