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Thursday, December 10, 2015

One of the things that I always check before buying any product is the post-sales support. I believe this is true for most of you, either you are interacting with B2C or B2B industry. Post-sales support is really vital to maximize the utility of any product. In B2B industry, where the product life is long, support plays a really crucial role. At Toradex, we endeavor to help our customers as much as possible to reduce their product development risk and time. We do this by offering excellent technical support for our System on Modules (SoM), using which designers and OEMs make their end-products targeted for variety of industries. Our journey with you, starts, not ends after the sales!

We offer various channels of technical support. Irrespective of the channel, one thing is always guaranteed that you will receive the best technical support, as we neither have a separate customer support team, nor have we outsourced support and maintenance work to 3rd party companies. You will directly interact with our engineers, who have designed and developed the SoMs. So, you will get the best of support for your technical queries and issues.

Free Premium Support

Developer Center: SupportWe have an exhaustive repository of technical articles, how-to articles, product details, etc. in our Developer Center. In case, you are stuck with some issues, then it is a kind of first-aid for you. You can easily search through this website to get relevant answers to your queries. We have more than 600 articles on variety of topics, so surely you will get something that gives you immediate comfort, sometimes maybe partially. This website also has details about custom carrier board design including the Altium design files, 3D designs, and free tools that will help you to reduce the risk associated with carrier board development. Further, this website includes public engineering roadmap, free software libraries, software tools, and many more.

Toradex Community: CommunitySince it is likely that the issue which you are facing, would already have been faced by many other customers, we encourage you to check our Community Support page, in case you don’t find answers in our Developer website. You may find the relevant answers in this community forum, which is curated by our engineers. In case, you are unable to find the answer, then you can post a question in the forum. Please note that this is a public forum and the posts are visible to all visitors.

Email Support: Email SupportDue to business confidentiality, if you don’t wish to ask questions in the public forum, then you are welcome to reach our engineers through dedicated mail. You can post your queries to This will create a ticket in our issue tracking system. Our engineers will work on this and reach out to you at the earliest possible time.

Phone Support: Phone SupportIn case you wish to directly talk with our engineers for some general information, then you can reach us on phone. We have geographically spread offices, so it highly likely that you can get support in your local language. The phone contacts of various geographical regions is available here.

Custom Support

Custom SupportFor any specialized custom requirements during your project development, the support cannot be offered by any of the above mentioned free support channels. You can purchase support hours for this purpose. However, all credit to our excellent and extensive free support channels, only about 10% of our customers use the paid support option during their projects. For further information, please see here.

Want to know more

You can explore the various technical support channels here.

Author: Prakash Mohapatra, Product Manager, Toradex
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