Verdin DSI to LVDS Adapter

The Verdin DSI to LVDS Adapter features a Texas Instruments MIPI® DSI to dual-link LVDS bridge and provides an easy-to-use solution for converting the MIPI® DSI interface available on the DSI connector of some Verdin carrier boards into an LVDS interface.

Verdin DSI to LVDS Adapter


The adapter features a boost converter for powering the backlight of compatible displays.

The adapter features an LVDS and a touch connector.

  • Compatible with the Verdin Development Board and the Dahlia Carrier Board
  • Suitable for connecting the Capacitive Touch Display 10.1" LVDS to compatible carrier boards
  • Connects directly to the MIPI® DSI connector of compatible carrier boards
  • No external power supply required
  • Easily mounted to those carrier boards by means of 4 screws


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Verdin DSI to LVDS Adapter

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50 x 40 mm
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Verdin DSI to LVDS Adapter
PN: 01591100

Range. Size: 50 x 40 mm.

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