Infusion Data Management System - UniQueCONCEPT™

UniQueCONCEPT™, the revolutionary infusion data management system (IDMS), increases patient safety, simplifies workflow processes, and enhances your hospital’s legal certainty. The UniQueCONCEPT™ has been recognized as a very versatile, extremely powerful and easy-to-use interface by various major players such as GE Medical, Dräger Medical and others in the infusion technology market.

Arcomed AG developed a system that allows the monitoring of the entire procedure. This system connects the doctor's PC, the pharmacy PC, or the monitoring system with the infusion pump at the patient site through the hospital network.

There’s no other company I’m aware of where the technical support is so easy to reach, fast in response and supports us with highly qualified and direct technical support.

Upon request from our customers, we have recently ported all our code from the Colibri PXA / Windows CE platform to the Colibri VF61/Linux system. Thanks to the very patient support team from Toradex, we have managed to overcome all the initial problems on both the VF61 module and Linux. We have achieved a fully compatible system that is in the final testing phase now.

Marc Vollenweider

Head of R&D and Director of the Board, arcomed ag

Interface Box for Medical Infusion Pump

The UniQueCONCEPT™ is a network-enabled system based on Toradex Colibri modules directly placed with the infusion pumps. It allows the centralized management of infusion data from various pumps, wirelessly and from anywhere in the hospital. It acts as a gateway between the infrared port of the pumps and a conventional Ethernet network. Therefore, the system verifies whether a drug was placed in the correct pump. Additionally, the pumps' parameters can be configured automatically.

Sophisticated but simple-to-use bar code technology improves patient safety. The right patient receives the right medication at the right dose; therefore, medication-related errors are significantly reduced. The central monitoring and alarming provide nurses and doctors with all relevant infusion data - at any time, anywhere in the hospital. It’s all about patient safety!

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Modernes Universal-Starterkit

  • Kostenlose Torizon Cloud mit OTA und Developer-Tool-Integration
  • Mehrere Display-Schnittstellen LVDS/DSI/HDMI
  • Inline ECC-Speicher für hohe Zuverlässigkeit
  • Accelerator für maschinelles Lernen und Kameraschnittstellen
  • Kompakt und kosteneffektiv
488,05 $
In den Warenkorb

Leistungsstarke und anspruchsvolle funktionale Sicherheit

  • Kostenlose Torizon Cloud mit OTA- und Entwickler-Tool-Integration
  • Höchste CPU- und GPU-Leistung
  • Integrierter Mikrocontroller für Sicherheit oder Echtzeit
  • Auch mit QNX erhältlich
502,20 $
In den Warenkorb

High-End-HMI mit Wi-Fi-Starter-Kit

  • Kostenlose Torizon Cloud mit OTA- und Entwickler-Tool-Integration
  • 10.1” 1280x800 kapazitives Touch-Display
  • High-End Wi-Fi (Doppelantenne 802.11ac)
  • Qt / Crank und Web UI Demos
782,05 $
In den Warenkorb

Maivin - Modulares, KI-basiertes Full-Stack Vision System

  • Full-Stack-Lösungen
  • Torizon Cloud mit Linux OS, OTA und Geräteüberwachung
  • DeepView und eIQ Machine Learning-Integration (korrekte Darstellung der Trademark-Icons muss geprüft werden)
  • NXP® i.MX 8M Plus Anwendungsprozessor mit NPU
  • Modulares, kompaktes Design, geeignet für den Ausseneinsatz
  • Camera Sensor
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