Live Stream:

In the Field
Using the Torizon Platform to deploy application updates

Date: March 11, 2022

The third in the series of our live-streaming sessions, we expand on the basic Torizon installation and configuration from episode 1.

We review the docker-compose mechanism for specifying multiple container applications and learn how to use the Torizon Platform to deploy application updates to devices in the field.

We also review the OSTree infrastructure that is used by Torizon, to provide an updatable root filesystem.

We cover the features of OSTree that are used to implement a truly robust update of the entire root filesystem while maintaining proper rollback capability.

And finally, we wrap up by doing an OTA update of our device, including both the base operating system and the application stack.

In short, the key takeaways for you include:
  • Understand application architecture with docker-compose
  • Dig into OStree
  • Understand how to do over-the-air updates with Torizon
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