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Ixora Carrier Board

Montag, 9. Dezember 2013
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Apalis IconWe are delighted to be releasing more documentation on the Ixora carrier board. We have uploaded Design Guides, Application Notes, and Mechanical models on our developer website, for all you developers and designers out there. This comprehensive design guide provides a wealth of valuable technical information to help you when designing your own custom carrier board. In addition, the information regarding circuit design and layout helps ensure that you get your design right the first time. Our guides have been created by the very same team that design and maintain the Colibri and Apalis product families.

Also included in the enhanced documentation, is the Altium project of the Ixora carrier board which documents the exact project that has been used to generate the manufacturing data of the board. So now, developers have a really big advantage that will enable them to save time and reduce errors.

New documentation has also been released for the Apalis T30 Computer on Module. We are now providing you with drawings, and a STEP 3D model of a simple Apalis T30 heatspreader.

Ixora carrier board links:
  • For the design guides and application notes, click here.
  • For the Altium Project of the Ixora Carrier Board, click here.
  • For the mechanical models, click here.

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