Erhältlich ab 19 Euros / 26 USD:
Neues Colibri VFxxx

Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

Starting at 19 Euros, Colibri VFxxx will be the most cost effective ARM computer module ever introduced to the embedded market. Based on freescale’s Vybrid automotive grade processor family, we expect to ship first samples to customers in beginning of Q4/2013. Colibri VFxxx is again pin compatible with the existing range of Colibri modules, allowing the vast majority of existing designs to be easily migrated. The new module also introduces additional features, including onboard CAN support, an increased number of ADC/PWM channels, and analogue video capture inputs. Some module variants will also combine a Cortex A5 application processor with a real-time Cortex M4 core, providing great flexibility across a diverse range of application areas. In-house support for Linux and Windows CE are on the roadmap.

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