Tidal Engineering Corporation

Tidal Engineering is known for its Synergy line of environmental test chamber controllers/loggers and software. It has been providing design and manufacturing services to Defense and Electronics companies since 1992. Tidal is recognized for technical expertise in areas such as embedded control systems, test & measurement, GUI and automotive hardware/software.

Tidal Engineering Corporation

Tidal's Service Brochure is available here.

Software Services


Application Development

Operating Systems:

Windows Embedded Compact

Windows CE Development since 2000 - since 2007 on Toradex Computer Modules.

  • C/C++, C#, .NET, Assembly
  • Labview

Hardware Services


Carrier Boards, Product Design

Tidal has been offering Colibri module's carrier board development and manufacturing since 2007. Tidal also offers design of plastic and sheet-metal enclosures.


2 Emery Ave, Randolph 07869, New Jersey, United States


North America

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