Pioneering Edge AIoT with COLIGO & Torizon | Toradex at Embedded World 2024

Jun 5, 2024 | English

We talked with Dimitri Philippe, founder of COLIGO (a subsidiary of GmbH) at the Toradex booth at Embedded World 2024.

Watch as Dmitri showcases the company's innovative Edge AIoT software demo designed to enhance edge device functionality without reliance on cloud systems.

COLIGO facilitates real-time data collection, monitoring through advanced dashboards, and features no-code AI solutions for anomaly detection, predictive analytics in audio streams, and object recognition in video streams — all within a single app!

Running seamlessly on Toradex System on Modules and gateways, and seamlessly integrated with Torizon, COLIGO's solutions are able to speed up time to market and simplify your development.

Learn why COLIGO chooses Toradex for its consistent support, cutting-edge technology, and the ability to continually enhance performance and features!

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