Introducing the i.MX 7 System-on-Chip - presented by Toradex and NXP

Date: March 9, 2016

Toradex and NXP® invite you to this introduction of the new i.MX 7 System-on-Chip. Just launched in February 2016, the all-new i.MX 7 SoC offers extreme power-efficiency. With a single or dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A7 in combination with a single-core Cortex-M4 – for low power and real-time tasks – it is suitable for a wide range of Industrial applications. Its advanced security features allow it to be used in IoT applications with confidence.

In this webinar video, we break down all the essential details of the exciting new SoC and how it compares with existing Arm-based SoCs. Toradex offers an i.MX 7 System on Module in its proven Colibri SoM form factor, further enhancing the scalability of the entire Colibri family.

A few of the key aspects that we cover during the webinar include:

  • A walkthrough of the special features of the i.MX 7 SoC presented by NXP
  • Understanding how the new i.MX 7S/D fits into the NXP and Toradex product line up
  • A first Benchmark comparison between i.MX 7, i.MX 6, Vybrid and other Arm-based SoCs
  • Learning about the latest heterogeneous multicore architecture on the i.MX 7
  • Experiencing the advantages of a heterogeneous system on a live demo of a balancing robot with a Qt-powered user interface
  • An overview of the partner ecosystem featuring: Antmicro, Qt, Greenhills, AdaCore, MQX and Microsoft Azure IoT

This webinar video also includes the Q&A session following the presentation where NXP and Toradex have answered questions.

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