Managing Devices with Linux Device Drivers

Date: September 08, 2021

Managing Devices with Linux Device Drivers

In this webinar we investigate the why and how of managing peripheral devices in an Arm-based embedded Linux system. Although this is a huge and complex subject area, we can still introduce some of the key concepts and start to appreciate the steps involved in writing a device driver.

The webinar covers the following topics:
  • How devices are represented in the device-tree description
  • The basic framework used for a Linux kernel device driver
  • Fundamentals of device driver programming, including interrupt handling and memory allocation
  • How devices can be managed from user-space and a comparison with kernel-based management
  • Some of the tools and techniques available for debugging device drivers

The webinar has been produced using NXP® based i.MX SoCs - however the concepts are fully SoC independent.

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