Develop Modern and Competitive Products with the Verdin AM62

Date: April 20, 2023

The Verdin AM62 is Toradex's first SoM based on a Texas Instruments processor and the latest addition to the Verdin family. It provides an attractive entry point to the Verdin ecosystem, and is an ideal choice for devices and applications powered by Torizon.

In this webinar, we give you insight into the motivations and the product decisions which led to the development of this product. Next, we take you through the specifics of the AM623 processor from TI and the Verdin AM62 System on Module, covering the block diagram, the interfaces, the features, and many more. We take a closer look at the product positioning and host a Q&A session to answer your potential questions.

Key takeaways include:
  • Learn how the Verdin AM62 supports you on your journey to develop modern, competitive products
  • Learn about the specifics of the Verdin AM62
  • Understand the motivations and product decisions behind the Verdin AM62
  • Learn how the Verdin AM62 compares to other solutions in the market

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