Mastering Linux Embedded and Yocto Project (Online Training)

The course, aimed at developers who need to quickly learn the Linux development environment. In just five afternoons (March 15-19, 2021) you can learn everything you need to begin to cross compile the Linux Kernel for an Arm card and use Yocto Project to generate recipes and custom layers. The reference hardware board for this course will be the Toradex Colibri i.MX6DL with Aster carrier board, the same details are valid for every board from i.MX family.

Linux and Yocto Project Training Online
Date & Time

Mar 15, 2021 - Mar 19, 2021 from 14:00 to 18:00 CET




590,00 Euro + VAT

Basic course aimed at beginners with a minimum knowledge of Linux, it provides the information needed to configure and cross-compile the u-boot Bootloader and the Kernel.

This course also provides the information needed to configure and use Yocto Project (and Openembedded), git and bitbake by creating an embeddded Linux distribution from scratch. Management of recipes in overlays with custom layers.

Learn to build and manage embedded Linux systems with the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded.
If you want to not waste time performing time-consuming tasks during the course, this intensive course is perfect for you. In order to save time, some sections are shortened or skipped, such as downloading the packages and the long initial compilation, depending on the needs and interests of the participants.


  • Introduction to embedded linux
  • Advantages of using linux
  • Systems running linux
  • Typical embedded hardware
  • Linux commands
  • DEMO – Using the vi text editor
  • Using the Unix command line
  • System architecture
  • Linux filesystem
  • Virtual filesystems
  • Understanding the development process
  • DEMO – Discovering procfs and sysfs
  • Busybox
  • Bootloaders
  • u-boot
  • Booting the kernel using TFTP and NFS
  • Configuring TFTP server and NFS server
  • DEMO – Flash a Linux image on the microSD card
  • DEMO – Booting the target board using TFTP and NFS
  • Learn Linux kernel sources structure
  • Linux kernel introduction
  • Linux versioning
  • Generating patches with diff
  • Applying patches to a generic kernel with patch
  • Cross compilation toolchains
  • Cross-compiling the kernel for the target board
  • Linux kernel configuration
  • Kernel boot parameters
  • Native and cross-compilation generated files
  • DEMO – Cross compile a customized kernel
  • DEMO – Run a modified Linux image on your target board
  • CPU pin muxing
  • Device Tree (examples from TI AM335x, NXP iMX6)
  • The init process
— Yocto Project —
  • General concepts of a build system
  • Openembedded and Yocto Project
  • Yocto Project overview
  • Meta layers and recipes
  • Metadata (Recipes)
  • Machine (BSP) Configuration
  • Machine, Distro and Image features
  • Bitbake syntax and options
  • Configuring the build system
  • Customizing the package selection
  • Building a root filesystem image using the Yocto Project
  • Setup the Poky reference build system
  • Building a system image
  • Debugging and Devshell
  • Creating a custom meta layer with Yocto Project
  • Creating an example recipe with Yocto Project
  • Writing a minimal recipe
  • Adding dependencies
  • Development workflow with bitbake
  • Meta layers customization
  • BSP development workflow
  • Create a custom recipe for a new package nInvaders
  • Adding nInvaders to the final image
  • Use devtool to manage recipes and layers

For prerequisites and equipment requirements refer -

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