Embedded Technology Conference & Exhibition 2014, Japan

The Embedded Technology Conference & Exhibition, one of the world's largest trade shows and conferences for embedded system designers, will be held at Yokohama, Japan from Nov 19-21, 2014. The event introduces advanced technologies and solutions for emerging embedded applications in a multitude of verticals including, but not limited to, digital consumer electronics, industrial automation, automotive, and wireless computing.

Embedded Technology 2014
Date & Time

Nov 19, 2014Nov 21, 2014 on 10:00 to 18:00 


Yokohama, Japan



With a rich 27 year history, the Embedded Technology event is virtually the Mecca for professional exhibition in the embedded electronics field. This exhibition opens doorways for visitors to network with companies dealing with processors, CoMs, semi-conductors, OS, development tools, middle-ware, and so on throughout the Asia - Pacific region and Japan.

Toradex AG attended this conference for the first time in 2013. We attracted quite a crowd, and our Tegra series of modules was quite an eye-catcher. Last year's event was a big opportunity for us to gauge people's understanding of CoMs, and what features are lucrative for the market, not to mention, gain a good understanding of the market in the region itself.

This year, after much planning, since we have set up operations in Japan, Toradex Japan, also known as Toradex K.K. is excitedly looking forward to be a part of one the world's largest embedded electronics congregation.

This year, Toradex K.K. will be displaying its entire array of ARM® -powered CoM solutions along with detailed demos which showcase the capabilities of the modules.

You can speak to our engineers and find out how CoMs can help you increase core competency, reduce development risk and time-to-market, along with scaling your solutions for increased computing power.

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