Robotics & Industrial Automation

Robotics and Industrial AutomationThe availability of a wide range of industrial interfaces such as CAN, RS485, USB, PCIe, SATA etc combined with the real time capabilities of the Windows CE / Embedded Compact and Linux makes the Toradex modules ideal for developing robotics and industrial automation applications. Toradex has also partnered with leading PLC software manufacturers – Codesys and KW-Software, to offer PLC application-ready modules. This collaboration reduces development time and makes it much easier to develop PLC applications on Toradex ARM® computer-on-modules. Further, our modules offers numerous GPIOs, so the user has the flexibility to configure these GPIOs based on their needs to perform any specific task. Connect the vision systems through the camera interface or securely backup process data in the Cloud via Ethernet, whatever are the applications’ requirement, we are happy to offer assistance in choosing the proper Toradex computer on modules for the end-product.


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