Apalis T30 メザニン

Apalis T30 中継基板は Apalis 評価ボードと共にお使いいただけ、下記の追加機能を提供します。

  • x16 (x4 モード) PCI Expressスロット
  • Apalis T30 モジュールをリカバリーモードにする押しボタン
  • CSIとDSIを一つのコネクターに搭載
  • Apalis モジュールのリセットボタン
Apalis T30 Mezzanine


Apalis T30 Mezzanine is an add-on board for the Apalis Evaluation Board which provides access to the type specific interfaces available on the Apalis T30 module. It allows the user to test and evaluate the type specific features available on the Apalis T30 module.

Since type specific features are dependent on the Apalis module. Specific types of mezzanine boards will be available for each Apalis module. Customers are free to develop their own type specific mezzanine board for prototyping and development purposes. Please refer to the datasheets for the individual Apalis module for more information.

  • 1x x16 (x4 mode) PCI Express connector (X16)
  • 2x MIPI CSI (1x Quad-lane or 2x Dual-lane) connector
  • 1x MIPI DSI (Dual-lane) connector
  • One Push button for Apalis T30 Reset and one for Recovery mode



Apalis T30 メザニン

PN: 0116
100 x 60 mm
For Evaluation/Development
1 : $52.50


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