Quilla™ A real-time ideation solution

QuirkLogic’s Quilla™, is a digital eWriter that enables teams with remote workers to ideate and collaborate in new ways, formulating content-rich ideas, while speeding time to innovation. It’s the only writing device built for conceptual work that enables users to simply walk up, grab a pen and use. It provides central library content management, so running out of flipchart paper or taking pictures of whiteboards are both a thing of the past. You can interact with your content – erase, resize, copy, move. Plus, it auto-saves content as you go.

Toradex is proud to associate with QuirkLogic™. The Colibri iMX7 System on Module (soM) is used as a platform for Quilla.

"Toradex has been instrumental in providing a key piece for QuirkLogic’s Quilla solution, via their Colibri iMX7 product. We originally selected the Colibri product based on features and our initial interaction with the Toradex team. We will continue to use their product and we value the excellent customer support we receive from the group."
Ken Horemans,
Director, Product Engineering, QuirkLogic
Ken Horemans

Quilla™ connects colleagues and content

Quilla™ connects in two different ways. Collaborate with colleagues working remotely from any location, in real-time, by connecting one Quilla™ to another, via Wi-Fi. Or connect multiple Quilla’s that are side-by-side and span content across all screens to make one large working surface. The device is light weight, portable and can run on battery for 16 hours. Just put it on its stand and move it around the office to wherever you need to meet. Share workbooks with others, recall content, and import/export PDF, PNG and JPEG files.

Colibri iMX7

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Optional Electrophoretic Display (EPD) interface
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Heterogenous multi-core support
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Low power consumption
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Free production-quality Linux
Colibri iMX7