How about an all-new experience when drinking your beer?

The iconic myTapp draft beer system is revolutionizing the way people drink beer in Brazil! This self-service electronic draft beer system automates the way it is served, measures the flow, and controls the pressure, all while providing details about the drink.

The experience is enhanced via mobile phone, where one can receive credit, explore their beer tasting history, and even look for the closest pub. MyTapp draft beer systems can be found in the best Brazilian breweries, pubs, coworking areas and start-up spaces!

As a technology start-up, we aim to deliver to our customers the product's added value as fast as possible. Using Toradex's solutions we were able to achieve a fast-time-to-market without losing the industrial ruggedized electronics. The local support was key for the success of our product.

João Paulo Bodanese

Co-founder and CTO, myTapp - Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

The experience, and other key features

In addition to the enhanced experience for customers, the system is further complemented through the sharing of business information with pub owners thereby allowing them to manage barrel levels and stock, decrease wastage and improve sales.

The self-service electronic tap system features a screen wherein the customer can learn all about the chosen draft beer. The screen is powered by Toradex’s Colibri iMX6ULL System on Module. An NFC card reader interfacing with the SoM is responsible for reading customer information and charging the customer, as per consumption. The current Colibri iMX6ULL offerings with and without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow myTapp to offer different versions of the products just by replacing the SoM with the correct version.

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  • OTAおよび開発ツール統合に対応した無償Torizonプラットフォーム
  • 複数のディスプレイインターフェース LVDS/DSI/HDMI
  • 高い信頼性を実現するインラインECCメモリー
  • マシンラーニングアクセラレーターおよびカメラインターフェース
  • コンパクト&高い費用効率


    • OTAおよび開発ツール統合に対応した無償Torizonプラットフォーム
    • 最高のCPUおよびGPUのパフォーマンス
    • 安全性やリアルタイムを実現する統合型マイクロコントローラー
    • QNXでも利用可能


      • OTAおよび開発ツール統合に対応した無償Torizonプラットフォーム
      • 10.1インチ、1280x800の静電容量式タッチディスプレイ
      • ハイエンドWi-Fi(デュアルアンテナ802.11ac)
      • Qt/CrankおよびWeb UIのデモ

        Maivin - モジュール型フルスタックAIビジョンシステム

        • フルスタックソリューション
        • Linux OS、OTA、デバイス監視搭載のTorizonプラットフォーム
        • DeepView™およびeIQ Portal™マシンラーニング統合
        • NPU搭載NXP® i.MX 8M Plusアプリケーションプロセッサー
        • 現場導入に適したモジュール型のコンパクトなデザイン
        • カメラセンサー
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