Apalis T30 及び Colibri T20/T30/VF50 の Linux Images V2.1 beta 1 をリリース


LinuxApalis T30 及び Colibri T20/T30/VF50 用 Linux BSP の V2.1 beta 1 をリリースしました。NVIDIA Tegra 2, Tegra 3 及び Freescal Vybrid がベースの ARM コンピュータモジュール製品ファミリーに適用されます。

This release contains:

  • U-Boot 2011.06 (T20/T30) resp. 2011.12 (VF50) boot loader.
  • Linux 3.0.15 kernel (VF50), based on NXP®/Freescale TWR-VF65GS10 Timesys LinuxLink 2013-07-29.
  • Linux 3.1.10 kernel (T20/T30), based on NVIDIA's Linux for Tegra (L4T) release 16-r3.
  • OpenEmbedded oe-core 2013.06 based root file system, using LXDE desktop environment.

The release includes additional features and bug fixes:

1. U-Boot

  • Apalis T30: Fix Linux USB OTG1 behaviour.
  • Colibri T20: SD card boot offset detection.
  • Decrease boot delay.
  • VF50: Initial support.

2. Linux Kernel

  • Colibri and Apalis T30: Fix several HDMI hang issues.
  • Provision for the Analogue Camera Module.
  • T20: Fix Ethernet MAC address assignment after suspend.
  • Hack to avoid 24 Hz mode in X resulting in no display at all.

3. rootfs / oe-core

  • OpenEmbedded: Layers updated to dylan (xserver 1.14, gtk+ 2.24.15).
  • Colibri T30/VF50: NEON enabled builds.
  • Evdev: Backport V2.8.1 from dora to get a fix for multi-touch events.
  • Burnflash: Script for configblock generation.


U-Boot and Linux kernel sources and OpenEmbedded metadata are available at http://git.toradex.com

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