Release of Version V1.1Beta2 of the Colibri T20 Linux BSP


LinuxWe are pleased to announce the release of version V1.1Beta2 of the Colibri T20 Linux BSP. This contains:
U-Boot 2011.06 boot loader Linux kernel OpenEmbedded 2011.03 based root file system (using LXDE desktop environment)

You can download this version from our product download server .

U-Boot and Linux kernel sources are available
and OpenEmbedded metadata is available

Linux Image V1.1 Beta2 September 26, 2012
- Updated u-boot
- SPI fix, u-boot did define one of the pins to be gpio which prevented SPI from working
- Switches on backlight GPIO
- New environment variable ‘setup’ which makes e.g. carveout memory easily changeable
- Updated kernel
- Backlight PWM clock changed from 500kHz to 200Hz
- PWM B, PWM C, PWM D now accessible from userspace, /sys/class/leds/
- Updated rootfs
- lxdm fix, interactive login also works now, not only autologin
- fix, no longer configures GPIOs meant for NVIDIA’s developer platform
- Added evtest, test program to monitor input device events
- Updated BCT, for Colibri T20 V1.1c unified with the BCT for the other module versions

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