Tegra 用 Windows CE6 及び WEC7 の Version 1.2 beta 1 イメージがダウンロード可能になりました

Software Download

Software DownloadWe are pleased to announce Windows CE 6 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 beta 1 Image V1.2 for our Tegra module familes.

This release contains the following changes:

  1. Fixed L2 Cache and Flashfile system issues
  2. Fixed OpenGL and AlphaBlend corruption problems
  3. Added wipe feature in UpdateTool to completely clean the flashdisk on T20  
  4. Added resistive touch support for Colibri and Apalis T30

Change Log

Please check the change log for all the changes deployed in this release:


Download Image

You can download the image from our product download server:

Colibri T20: Tegra_Bootloader&Image_1.2beta1_T20_bis.zip
Colibri and Apalis T30: Tegra_Bootloader&Image_1.2beta1_T30.zip

For customers that build their own image

The Board Support Package (BSP) is availble here:
CE 6:
: http://developer.toradex.com/files/toradex-dev/uploads/media/Colibri/WinCE/BSP/CE7/Betas/

The workspace for CE 6 and WEC 7 can be downloaded here:

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