Antmicro Ltd

Antmicro is a software-driven tech company developing edge computing systems for various branches of industry, such as robotics, defence, civil security, computer vision, broadcasting, as well as the Internet of Things. With cross-competence in software, full-stack FPGA SoC, edge to cloud AI, high-end hardware, and relying on its own open source development tools, Antmicro delivers practical solutions and guidance to customers looking to innovate by embracing cutting-edge technologies.

Antmicro Ltd

Software Services


Application Development, CUDA, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, OS & Driver Development

Operating Systems:

Android, Embedded Linux, Zephyr and other RTOS

With a history of cooperation with Toradex around Android, Antmicro has developed numerous fully customized Linux images for Toradex's NVIDIA and NXP/Freescale products. Antmicro’s software services include developing BSPs, AI algorithms, over-the-air update systems, applications and optimizations. They offer assistance in adoption of modern workflows, technologies and tooling, some of which they also develop, with their open source simulation framework Renode being the most notable example.

Antmicro has helped numerous customers around the world implement various Linux applications on Toradex modules, ranging from camera and vision systems (stereo-vision, object detection, live video processing & display), industrial measurement and control units, to medical systems.

Antmicro is also offering deep learning development services for machine vision applications in branches such as robotics, defense and automotive.

Guest blogs from Antmicro can be found here.


Toradex Partner Highlights at Embedded World 2018: Antmicro

Hardware Services


Custom hardware design (carrier boards, expansion boards), Product design & development

Antmicro has designed various carrier boards for many Toradex's Arm products and has broad experience prototyping and developing advanced, scalable and modular solutions. Their projects involve multiple open source technologies, including a wide portfolio of their own baseboards, extensions, accessories and other hardware. Antmicro’s custom edge AI and vision systems are successfully used in various branches spanning smart cars, heavy industry, medical and more.

Joint Projects

  • Android Support on Toradex SoMs
  • Fully customized Linux images for Toradex SoMs
  • eCos® RTOS for Colibri VF61 SoM


Zwierzyniecka 3, Poznan 60-813, Wielkopolskie, Poland


Europe, North America

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