gapfruit AG

gapfruit is a high-tech company based in Switzerland with a proven track record in IT security, software engineering and innovation. The founding team developed a military-grade operating system, fulfilling the requirements set by national governments and security agencies across the world for cast-iron security. With this expertise, gapfruit creates a rock-solid operating system addressing current and future challenges.

gapfruit AG

Software Services


OS & Driver Development, Security, Virtualization

Operating Systems:

gapfruit Trustworthy Execution Environment

gapfruit provides a unique operating system designed for security. Their modern architecture eliminates typical attack vectors and isolates the impact of software flaws. Migration to strong system security, software maintenance and fast certification are their unique selling points.

gapfruit has developed OS running in TrustZone which provides trusted computing capabilities to an embedded Linux on a Toradex Apalis iMX6 SoM, which enables the use of modern, microkernel- and capability-based operating systems for a wide range of use cases.

Gapfruit's Modern Operating System runs on Toradex Modules


Baarerstrasse 135, Zug 6300, Zug, Switzerland



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