sequality software engineering

Sequality software engineering is a key partner for creating solutions in the area of industrial applications, touch display user interfaces and embedded software applications.

sequality software engineering

The company focuses on application development based on embedded Linux, C++ and Qt. Together with Toradex, Sequality can deliver product solutions for industry, automotive & off-highway and consumer electronics.

Software Services


Application Development, Cloud Development, Qt, Training, WebUI

Operating Systems:

Android, Embedded Linux

Smooth touch screen interactions and interactive gestures for a user experience like on a smartphone or tablet. Sequality is a reliable partner to turn your product ideas into reality.

Choosing the right technology is an important aspect of the process as a whole.

C++/Qt, QML or HTML5: We look forward to supporting you in your decision-making process by supplying knowledge and know-how: Identify strengths and weaknesses of various technologies by taking advantage of the sequality demo tests.

Profit from Sequality's expertise on embedded Linux, CAN-BUS and open source. 

Benchmarking GPU performance of embedded Linux SoCs with Qt

To download the webinar presentation, see here.


Softwarepark 26, Hagenberg 4232, Oberösterreich, Austria



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