ERNI Schweiz AG

We are ERNI. We work methodically and process-oriented, increase efficiency in software engineering, digitalise business-critical processes and connect the physical with the digital world. We do this by combining proven and innovative methods, using resources pragmatically, and sharing our knowledge with our clients.

ERNI Schweiz AG

Since 1994, we have been advising companies on innovation and technology with the aim of increasing their performance through software and digitising their business-critical processes. We pave the way to a digital tomorrow.

The key to our success are our people and mindset, that are shaped by Swiss virtues and values. We want our customers to be more effective and innovative than anyone else. Together with our customers, we achieve these ambitious goals, with partnerships based on real values.

Software Services


Application development in accordance to IEC 62304 - ISO 13485 – IEC 27001, Embedded Software Development, Front-end and back-end development, Qt, UI/UX Design, WebUI

Operating Systems:

Baremetal, Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS, Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Torizon

Embedded Software Engineering: for example an c++ application software running on a Toradex SoM to control a robot arm.

Application Software Engineering: for example a node.js Web-UI application running in the browser to monitor and update a fleet of Toradex devices using Torizon web services like OTA-Update.

Joint Projects

ERNI was one of the first partners to implement an application using the Torizon Cloud API, which was demonstrated at Embedded World 2024. The demo application showcases a custom Web UI for the Torizon web API to manage Toradex devices.


11 Löwenstrasse, Zürich 8001, Zürich, Switzerland



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