Tonfunk Gruppe

Tonfunk is a manufacturing service provider for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). For many years reputed customers have put their faith in the quality guaranteed by the Tonfunk Group, which has established itself in the market of electronic manufacturing services, as an extremely efficient and highly flexible provider.

Tonfunk Gruppe



Application Development, OS & Driver Development


Windows Embedded Compact

Tonfunk has developed applications and custom drivers for several Toradex customers. Tonfunk has also good expertise in creating fully customized Windows Embedded Compact images.  

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Carrier Boards, Manufacturing

Tonfunk has developed carrier boards for Toradex computer modules for various customers - some of the end-products were meant for very harsh ambient environment. The company offers circuit design and layout services. It also has an in-house hardware production facility. Toradex Colibri module is used in one of their own products: Tonfunk's Mopad.

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Anger 20, Ermsleben 06463, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany


Asia, Europe, North America, South America

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