Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS)

As the largest provider of Qt design and engineering services in North America, Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) is proud to work shoulder-to-shoulder with Toradex to deliver the finest end-to-end embedded systems solutions in demanding product areas such as:

Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS)
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive infotainment systems (IVI - In Vehicle Infotainment)
  • In-flight entertainment systems (IFE)
  • Industrial and vehicle automation control systems
  • Touch screen-enabled devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Other types of embedded systems

Their tightly coupled design and engineering teams work closely with your team from the early conceptual stages to final delivery, skillfully crafting robust and elegant embedded system user experiences, custom built for maximum performance on Toradex hardware, that will delight you and your customers.

Software Services


Application Development, Qt, Training, WebUI

Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux, QNX, Windows Embedded Compact

ICS understands that delivering a world-class product experience for your customers requires that all the aspects of your design and implementation are tightly coupled to maximize performance, taking into consideration all of the system’s design constraints. Specifically, they offer:

  • User Experience / User Interface (UX/UI) design tightly coupled to world-class implementation, achieving maximum performance on Toradex hardware
  • Qt ports on Toradex System on Modules and Customized SBC
  • Support for your engineers using any Qt license -- with library issues, bug fixes, porting assistance, etc.
  • Training and mentoring for your engineers

Training: Upcoming courses by ICS using Toradex hardware: Programming with Qt for Embedded Devices


ICS’ Qt-based Digital Signage Solution using Toradex's Apalis SoM


230 Second Ave, Waltham 02451, Massachusetts, United States


Europe, North America

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