General Digital Corporation

From its inception in 1973, General Digital has engineered and delivered to the market scores of standard and custom flat panel display products, optical display enhancements, and software testing and development solutions.

General Digital Corporation

Today, they continue to serve the marketplace with advanced design and engineering capabilities as evidenced in their diverse line of LCD monitors and associated hardware products, optical enhancements, contract manufacturing, and software engineering services. Their hardware products range from terminals to high resolution LCD monitors to fully integrated industrial/military visual systems.

Their Optical Bonding engineers have the knowledge and experience to vastly improve your display performance. From Silicone, UV and Epoxy bonding, film optimization and lamination,to a wide selection of display enhancements such as AR/AG, SR, NVIS to name a few, the optical bonding laboratory can provide a wide selection of enhancements.

General Digital Software Services provides robust software development, verification and validation services. They specialize in the testing of embedded system software deployed in high performance, safety-critical avionics and medical systems.

Software Services


Application Development, Java, PLC IEC 61131-3, Qt, SCADA

Operating Systems:

Android, Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded Compact

General Digital Software Services is well versed in C/C++, Python and Qt development for embedded Linux on the Toradex Colibri module, including low-level device interfaces, Ethernet-based protocols as well as 2D graphics. They have experience in building custom Linux images for the Toradex platforms. Their VueSim product line employs Toradex modules allowing them to provide a robust and powerful platform for simulation display systems to the customers.


60 Prestige Park Road , East Hartford 06108, Connecticut, United States


North America

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