Crank Storyboard Suite running on Toradex Hardware

Jun 1, 2018 | English

Toradex Partner, Crank Software Inc., provides an overview of the partnership and an interesting demo showing a 3D house via Crank’s Storyboard Suite developed to run on Toradex hardware.

The demo showcased at Embedded World 2018, encompasses a Colibri iMX6DL System on Module from Toradex, and shows off how 3D and 2D content can come together to develop very rich UIs.

Jason Clarke, VP, Sales & Marketing at Crank Software Inc. also explains how the Storyboard Suite enables designers and engineers to develop such UIs. He states that Crank works across all of Toradex’s hardware, and encourages viewers to try Crank and Toradex today.

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