Develop Industry 4.0-ready OPC UA-enabled products with Toradex & Matrikon

Date: February 1, 2019

OPC UA is a core data connectivity standard used in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0. It provides open and secure access to data on the device, thus allowing the end customer to make better-informed decisions and create new business opportunities.

If you are looking to start developing an OPC UA-enabled solution, watch this introductory webinar to learn about:

    • the advantages OPC UA-enabled products have over traditional products
    • the role OPC UA plays in the IIoT era and the latest trends in how it is being utilized
    • how you can quickly get started implementing OPC UA-based products using the right tools, like:
    • and more...

Concise and to the point, this webinar provides you with the key concepts you need to know about OPC UA and practical advice on how to get started, including an interesting demo.

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