Secure Device Monitoring -
Check Health, Resources and Performance

Date: February 23, 2022

Data is a keyword in our current lifestyle. Digital devices generate most of this data. Embedded devices and IoT can be our point of contact with several environment variables, while controlling machines and process parameters, supporting people or animal life, checking the weather and natural resources, alerting, acting, and others. An almost uncountable number of applications and tasks can be done by an embedded device.

However, due to the critical role of some of these devices, failure is not an option. For others, failure can cause a huge impact on services and affect not only cost but also the trust of customers in the product.

What can we do to mitigate failure in IoT and other connected embedded devices?
In this webinar, using Torizon, the end-to-end platform providing remote services for embedded devices, we discuss alternatives and methods to monitor devices, thereby keeping them healthy. We also share some cases where reliability and lifetime can be affected. Additionally, we showcase how issues can be predicted and over-the-air software fixes or scheduled programmed maintenance can be carried out before the product fails.

Key Takeaways
  • Learn how device monitoring can affect product reliability and lifetime
  • Insight into how device monitoring is used from the development phase, resulting in increased product quality and robustness
  • Learn more about Torizon - the industrial Linux IoT Platform
  • Understand modern practices to monitor and update connected embedded devices

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