IoT and Edge Device Management Using Torizon by Toradex

Date: April 08, 2022

Managing IoT and Edge devices across a fleet is a critical element of any successful deployment. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of frameworks across all layers of the stack that can be overwhelming. Creating a custom solution can be time consuming and may incur substantial cost.

Torizon by Toradex offers a complete solution that helps organizations manage the devices in their IoT and edge network. In this webinar, Mohammed Billoo discusses the different features of Torizon that can streamline device management, along with hands-on demonstrations that showcase these features. Specifically, Mohammed discusses how Torizon:

  • Secures OTA FW updates
  • Manages and controls updates across devices
  • Manages updates on devices that are offline
  • Facilitates device and fleet monitoring
  • Supports remote access and troubleshooting
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