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Torizon VS Code Extension v2 Launch

Date: April 14, 2023

The new Torizon Integrated Development Environment for VS Code, formerly codenamed ApolloX on Toradex Labs, is available!

It's a complete redesign, from scratch, of the "Microsoft Developer Experience in a Linux Ecosystem" Toradex Labs Project, focusing on the VS Code to create an awesome automated development environment to easily remote debug and remote deploy containerized applications for Toradex TorizonCore Industrial Linux Software Platform.


Our Embedded Software Developers, Matheus Castello and André Riesco, show real-life examples of some of the features integrated into VS Code that seek to facilitate the development of containerized applications for the Torizon ecosystem:

  • Open source project templates:
    Choose from templates with all you need to easily start developing a containerized application for TorizonCore OS.
  • Remote development:
    Templates are all set up with automation to build, deploy and debug your application directly on the target device.
  • CI/CD Pipeline integration:
    Take advantage of GitHub Actions and GitLab CI integration to use tasks from VS Code directly in your pipelines.
  • Dockerfile and Docker Compose support:
    Use the already very known Dockerfile and Docker Compose language servers assistance from VS Code to help you deliver and learn faster.
  • TorizonCore Builder integration:
    Customize your TorizonCore OS image with the help of the TorizonCore Builder VS Code extension. It's never been easier to write your tcbuild.yaml with the assistance of the YAML language server integrated into the TorizonCore Builder template.
  • Torizon Platform integration:
    Project templates are ready to generate Over-the-Air update packages in the Torizon Platform. At the end of a CI pipeline, your device fleet is up to date!

And check out an exclusive sneak peek of some experimental features under development, like the Multi Container workspace integration. Developers can select multi templates in a multi-root workspace to develop your multi-service containerized application for TorizonCore OS, with synchronous building, deployment, and debugging in the target device.

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