New Release:
Windows CE 6.0 & Windows Embedded Compact 7 Image V1.2 for Toradex Tegra Modules

2014년 2월 24일 월요일

ApalisColibriWe are pleased to announce Windows CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 Image V1.2 Release for our Colibri and Apalis Tegra Computer modules. We highly recommend updating to this image version. The modules supported are all the current versions of the Colibri T20, Colibri T30, and Apalis T30.

The new release contains the following changes:

  • Merged Image and Boot Loader for all Colibri and Apalis Tegra modules into one single image/BSP
  • Added support for up to 1GB RAM
  • Fixed general stability issues
  • Many important bug-fixes

Please check the change log for details of all changes deployed in this release:

Download Image

You can download the Windows CE6 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 images from our server. There is only one zip file containing all the images.

For customers building their own image

The Board Support Packages (BSP) are also available:

The workspace for Windows CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 can be downloaded here:

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