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2012년 12월 5일 수요일
Environmental Monitoring

Environmental MonitoringOpenRelief AircraftAs previously announced, Toradex is proud to be supporting OpenRelief – a project formally launched back in June at LinuxCon Japan. The OpenRelief aircraft, constructed from open source software and off-the-shelf components, will investigate and map disaster zones through modular sensors which can detect weather, smoke, roads, people, and radiation. Toradex donated four Colibri T20 modules and Iris Carrier boards to be utilised in the development of a robotic plane and ground sensors.

We’re now pleased to hear that 2 airframes – 1 foam Bixler and the other FPV-168 fibreglass – have been safely delivered to Saitama. There they will be assembled and tested by Taichi Furuhashi and others connected to OpenStreetMap Japan at Tokyo University. After which they should then be deployed to Ishinomaki to conduct aerial photography – an activity that forms part of the large-scale remapping effort.

The OpenStreetMap team have a Colibri T20 Computer module and as soon as the necessary tools are functioning as desired this will be connected to a camera and sent up to test the level of vision in the field. Another Colibri T20 module is being used in the integration of OpenCV vision with the autopilot. The project is still awaiting permission from Japanese authorities to use the autopilot, and so until then the airframes will be used as remote controlled photo systems.

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