Release of Version V1.1Beta2 of the Colibri T20 Linux BSP

2012년 12월 5일 수요일

LinuxWe are pleased to announce the release of version V1.1Beta2 of the Colibri T20 Linux BSP. This contains:
U-Boot 2011.06 boot loader Linux kernel OpenEmbedded 2011.03 based root file system (using LXDE desktop environment)

You can download this version from our product download server .

U-Boot and Linux kernel sources are available
and OpenEmbedded metadata is available

Linux Image V1.1 Beta2 September 26, 2012
- Updated u-boot
- SPI fix, u-boot did define one of the pins to be gpio which prevented SPI from working
- Switches on backlight GPIO
- New environment variable ‘setup’ which makes e.g. carveout memory easily changeable
- Updated kernel
- Backlight PWM clock changed from 500kHz to 200Hz
- PWM B, PWM C, PWM D now accessible from userspace, /sys/class/leds/
- Updated rootfs
- lxdm fix, interactive login also works now, not only autologin
- fix, no longer configures GPIOs meant for NVIDIA’s developer platform
- Added evtest, test program to monitor input device events
- Updated BCT, for Colibri T20 V1.1c unified with the BCT for the other module versions

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