O. S. Systems

O.S. Systems is a Brazilian company that has been on the market since 2002, focusing on the customization and development of embedded systems and BSPs. O.S. Systems is deeply involved in the development and use of the Yocto Project and its components. It plays an important role in reducing development costs for companies adopting the Yocto Project, offering a high degree of flexibility and customization without interfering with products in development. The company has been a Yocto Project Participant Organization since 2013, and has been working with Yocto since its conception. The company’s experience makes it possible for customers to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time while guaranteeing quality service.

O. S. Systems

O.S. Systems also develops operating systems and specific software infrastructures for hardware products, including SDKs. They know how to build the optimal operating system for your project and can provide basic software development, BSP customization, safe boot facilities and more.

Software Services


Application Development, Cloud Development, OS & Driver Development, OTA, Qt

Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux

  • BSP development
  • Cross-compilation consultancy
  • Migration from other build systems to the Yocto Project
  • Commercial support for the Yocto Project
  • Embedded systems development consultancy

O.S. Systems continues to work towards providing an enterprise-grade OTA update solution to Toradex, called UpdateHub. UpdateHub makes it simple to remotely update all your devices in the field. Currently, the solution supports the Apalis iMX6 and Colibri iMX6 SoMs from Toradex. Support for the entire Colibri Arm family of SoMs will be added to UpdateHub shortly.

Additionally, UpdateHub provides an open-source OTA software update facility for Toradex boards that support the Yocto Project and other embedded Linux distributions.


Avenida Domingos de Almeida, 1146, 01, Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


Asia, Europe, North America, South America

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