Toradex Easy Installer

The Toradex Easy Installer is a graphical application that allows users to easily select an operating system or demo image to install on our SoMs.

It can install images from the internet, or locally through an SD Card, USB Stick, or a local server.

It is a flexible tool suitable for production programming with an automatic installation process, among other options.

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One-click OS installation

Easy Installer will show you a list of available images for your selection, and it will guide you through the OS image installation process by its easy-to-use graphical interface.

Remote Access over Local Network

If you are developing a headless solution, you can use a VNC compatible application to access the Easy Installer UI in the target device over your network.

Online and offline capabilities

Easy Installer will query the latest compatible images from Toradex servers by default. You can also insert an Easy Installer compatible image through a USB Stick or SD Card for offline installation as well. It will be automatically recognized by Easy Installer and will appear on the screen for your selection.

Simplified Volume Production

A fully automatic mode allows programming thousands of CoMs in an easy way, using images present in USB Stick, SD Cards, or even through your local network. See more on its Detailed Manual.

Zero Storage Overhead

The Easy Installer comes pre-loaded in our modules in order to facilitate your first setup for development or production programming on freshly new modules. Once you install an image, it is completely removed from the SoM. You can reload it into the SoM RAM memory for flashing other images.

Easy Installer Showcase

Partner Demo Images

Toradex Easy installer allows you to evaluate many applications of our partners in just a few clicks. This accelerates your time-to-market and lower the risk of implementing your solution.

Light-weight, Qt-optimized, full software stack for embedded Linux systems

QNX Neutrino RTOS port to Toradex hardware

End-to-end demonstration of pasta detection using deep learning connected to the AWS cloud

Android port to Toradex hardware by Kynetics

Secure and robust Over The Air update manager solution for connected embedded Linux devices

EtherCAT System implementation by Acontis Technologies

The essence of MVTec HALCON's key features and performance, ease-of-use in Machine Vision.

DiSTI's technology of GL Studio showcased in a UI with the look and feel of automotive design

Interactive relational database utilities and management system for intelligent embedded systems

3D representation of a vehicle driver assistance system based on the input of cameras, GPU optimized

Use Torizon for Updates

The Easy Installer is not an update tool for development, on-premise, or OTA.
If you are looking for an OTA solution, we invite you to learn more about Torizon, our development platform with integrated remote updates.


Creating a Fleet with Torizon OTA

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