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Simplifying the Development and Operation
of Linux IoT Devices

Torizon makes modern, iterative product development easier by seamlessly integrating hardware, an OS, development tools, remote updates and fleet monitoring. This makes it a scalable solution for devices requiring high reliability and security.

Introducing the Torizon

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For Developers

Torizon makes developers more productive and helps them create easy-to-maintain products. Integrated over-the-air updates and device monitoring allow you to ship earlier, patch bugs in the field, deliver new features and detect issues faster.

Software containerization simplifies maintenance and provides an additional layer of robustness. Torizon is constantly validated on Toradex System on Modules (SoMs) to ensure that you can fully focus on your application, rather than the operating system.

Modern Development

Torizon lets you develop your product in an agile and iterative fashion. The seamlessly integrated remote update features make it possible to deploy new software easily, while device monitoring gives you instant feedback about performance and potential issues.

Highly Productive

Torizon OS (formerly TorizonCore), the Linux distribution on the device, works out of the box, saving you the time it would take to build, test and maintain a Linux distribution on your own. To further speed up the time-to-market and reduce project risk, Torizon offers integration with product development tools like Visual Studio Code. TorizonCore Builder allows you to customize Torizon to suit your hardware without the need to dive into the Yocto Project.

Large Ecosystem

With Torizon, you can take advantage of a large ecosystem. Torizon uses Docker software, giving you access to Docker Hub and thousands of ready-to-use containers. Toradex also has an ecosystem of partners providing services and software for Torizon. Many third-party software integrations are available, such as Qt, Codesys, Crank and Uno.

Open Source

Torizon OS, the Linux distribution running on the device, is open source, so you can customize it, contribute code to the project, and port it to different hardware. The Torizon Update and Fleet Management system is based on open standards, it has an open API to make integration with other services easy.

Torizon OS

A ready-to-use industrial Linux distribution

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Visual Studio Code Integration

The simplest way to develop, deploy and debug your application

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Software Ecosystem

Docker software containerization makes integrating third-party software easy

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Remote Updates

A free, seamlessly integrated end-to-end, over-the-air update solution built into Torizon

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Device Monitoring

Analyze performance, health and potential issues on your devices

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TorizonCore Builder

Easily customize Torizon with device configuration, preinstalled containers, settings, and more

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For Fleet Owners

Operating, monitoring and updating fleets of devices is important in today's interconnected world. As a full-stack solution, Torizon streamlines operation and reduces risks for fleet owners.

Torizon is built for products in such industries as medical, automation and transportation, where failure is not an option. Torizon Remote Updates features an automotive-grade technology stack. Smart Fleet Management options assist you in overseeing even large numbers of devices. Device Monitoring generates useful insights to improve your product and detect possible issues before they cause problems for your users.

Secure Your Devices

Frequently validated updates and seamlessly integrated over-the-air update solutions allow you to push security patches with little delay. Additional tools, such as the security advisor on Toradex Labs, help detect potential security pitfalls.

Gain Insight

Device Monitoring provides you a cryptographically guaranteed secure way to gain insight into the performance, behavior and reliability of your devices, providing valuable feedback you can use to improve your product.

Reduce Risks

Being able to monitor potential issues and patch devices quickly and effectively reduces the risk of recalls and the need for service visits. Intuitive dashboards and automation options keep you in control.

Take Control

Remote access allows you to take control of devices to simplify customer support or troubleshoot issues.

Fleet Monitoring

Understand the status of your fleets at any time

Fleet Management

Organize and automate your fleet of devices

Secure Offline Updates

Update devices without internet connection in a secure and reliable way.

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Remote Access

Get access to your devices anywhere in the world

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Integrate Torizon with other systems using an intuitive API

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Security and Reliability

Frequent Updates

Torizon offers nightly, monthly, quarterly and LTS releases tested on Toradex SoMs

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Automotive-grade Security

Torizon’s update system is based on the Uptane standard built for automotive applications and is audited for security

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Torizon is designed for critical, high-value systems, including a fault-tolerant recovery system for the highest reliability

Hardware Watchdog

Torizon’s tight integration with Toradex SoMs enables it to take advantage of the hardware watchdog for an extra layer of reliability in worst-case scenarios

Integrity Checks

Torizon is equipped with a range of integrity checks and can automatically restore a known good state if required

Secure Boot Integration

Torizon takes full advantage of hardware security features on Toradex SoMs, simplifying the use of Secure Boot (High Assurance Boot) and other hardware-based security features

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