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Hello World
Using the Torizon Embedded Linux Distribution

Date: February 11, 2022

Learn how to simplify the development of connected device software using Linux.

In this video we work our way towards a non-trivial application, being able to control HW peripherals, and with a touch screen user interface. We even included a secure and reliable way for remote updates. But first, let's start with the basics of the board bring-up and getting an initial OS installed.

We use the Torizon Embedded Linux distribution as an example to avoid having to start from scratch and allow us to focus on developing our application rather than needing to become a Linux system engineer. We don't assume any specific experience level with Embedded Linux or Torizon and will work with viewers to make sure we cover all your needs.

You will learn how simple it is to develop a program in Visual Studio Code and deploy and debug it in one click to the embedded device, thanks to the integration of Torizon with VS Code. We will dig into the specifics of the docker container runtime and you will firsthand experience how simple it is to add and run readily available software to your project.

In short, the key takeaways for you:
  • Setup and get started with Toradex hardware
  • Install Torizon and the tools needed for development
  • Build and deploy a simple Hello-world app
  • Experiment with containers to understand how they can be useful
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