Camera Interface Support under Windows CE on Colibri T20 Computer Module

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CameraThe Toradex Colibri Camera Interface for Windows CE uses the Directshow multimedia framework to easily integrate a video camera into an application running on the Colibri T20 ARM Computer on Module. Directshow filters for encoding are supported.

The initial version supports the Micron MT9V111 Camera Sensor and the MAX9526 Analog Video Input. The design of the Colibri Camera Interface is modular to support additional devices. A plug-in function to allow customers to add their own support for sensors is planned.

Toradex would be particularly interested in hearing your video use-case requirements to help them further develop the interface.

The Colibri range of ARM based low-power Computer on Modules from Toradex are deployed in hundreds of applications across a wide range of different markets. The Colibri product line differentiates itself from other competitor products by providing an extremely mature, feature rich, complete hardware and software platform around which product ideas can be realized.

For more information on the Colibri T20 please see Colibri

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