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Toradex launches the Toradex Community and invites you to participate

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New09 December 2015, Horw, Switzerland: The wait is over! Toradex announces the launch of its latest technical support feature, the Toradex Community, an online community that aims to provide customers a unique platform to stay connected with the Toradex engineers.

Toradex, which has always provided extensive free and direct technical support from development engineers, recognizes that many of its customers often have similar queries. By providing an online community where anyone may post a query and by publicly listing down the engineers’ responses, Toradex anticipates that the entire community will stand to benefit from the collective knowledge available via the forum.

“We invested a lot of time to understand what information our customers most wanted access to and how to deliver it in a simplified, user friendly and timely manner. With the launch of the Toradex Community platform, our aim is to create an even more connected and responsive support system for our customers, while enabling easy access to information. We invite you to be a part of this ever-growing community constituted by our embedded enthusiasts.” said Roman Schnarwiler, CTO, Toradex.

The community will serve to provide its members with sustainable solutions and key insights from our experienced engineers who will be answering queries related to the usage of Toradex products in a wide variety of embedded applications. Furthermore, it will complement the exhaustive information available on the Toradex Developer Center, which is a resourceful website that brings all of Toradex’s developer resources together at one place. For an overview about all our available support channels, please check our support page.

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