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Easy-to-use Industrial Linux Software Platform

Torizon is an open-source software platform that simplifies the development and maintenance of embedded Linux software. It is designed to be used out-of-the-box on devices requiring high reliability, allowing you to focus on your application and not on building and maintaining the operating system.



Fast Time-to-market

Ready-to-use Linux distribution

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Open Source

Based on open software, no lock-in

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Simple Updates

Built-in, automotive-grade, over-the-air update capabilities

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Frequent updates, accessible security features


Optimized real-time option

Highly Productive Modern Software Development

Install TorizonCore in one click with the preinstalled Toradex Easy Installer. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Debian containers with APT Package Manager get you started in minutes. An extending selection of development tools such as the Flash Analytics tool helps to build reliable products fast.

TorizonCore is open-source and built with the Yocto Project based on the Toradex Embedded Linux BSP, which enables further customization.

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Supported Languages
C Programming C Programming

Torizon offers full integration with Visual Studio 2019, providing a convenient way to use a Windows development PC and familiar tools while at the same time giving you the advantages of the rich Linux ecosystem. Toradex continues to support Windows Embedded Compact / WinCE, but for a developer who wishes to move to Linux, Visual Studio with Torizon is an excellent choice.

The Visual Studio extension currently supports C / C++ including on-device debugging. For developers new to containers on embedded devices, the extension can automatically package the application in a container and offer a web-based frontend to manage software containers on the device.

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C Programming C Programming C Programming C Programming C Programming

Visual Studio Code is a free, highly popular IDE which runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. The Torizon extension provides tight integration with Visual Studio Code. The extension offers simple container management and on-device debugging, and it lets you deploy applications from Visual Studio Code in just a few clicks. Visual Studio Code and Torizon are a very modern and productive environment even for developers new to embedded systems.

For Visual Studio Code, Toradex supports C/C++, Python and .NET Core. Python is rapidly growing in popularity — even in the embedded market — which means that a large pool of developers is available. Python is also the dominant language for machine learning applications. .NET Core is a modern, future-proof option for C# programmers wanting to target any platform, including embedded systems.

Extensive Software Container Ecosystem

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Torizon uses software containers, making it simple to add functionality to your system in a way that is both secure and easy to maintain. Torizon supports hardware acceleration in containers and graphical user interfaces.

Docker Hub provides an extensive range of easily integrated software, thanks to containerization. Many Docker containers developed especially with Torizon in mind are already available, such as Debian, Crank Software, CODESYS, TotalCross, and many more.

Secure and Reliable Over-The-Air Updates

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Torizon comes with an automotive-grade update client. Toradex is also currently providing an experimental over-the-air update service via Toradex Labs.

Power-cut tolerance

Automotive security

Integrated and verified with Toradex SoMs

All software layers updatable (bootloader, OS, applications)

Device manager

Based on open technologies


Introducing Torizon: An Easy-to-use Industrial Linux Platform

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Open Source

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We at Toradex are committed to open source. Our technologies are based heavily on open-source software. We contribute to and serve as maintainers of many open-source projects, and we actively participate in open-source communities. We are actively working on upstreaming changes and focusing our efforts on mainline development as much as possible. At Toradex, we believe working together builds better products for everyone. We are always interested in collaboration.

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Release Roadmap

Quarterly Releases

Production Release
Extensively tested and validated with a combination of automated and manual testing. Built to be deployed into production.

Monthly Releases

Current status of development, automatically tested releases. Great for development, including features available in the upcoming quarterly releases.

Nightly Builds

Provided nightly, not guaranteed to work. Typically used to check if an issue will be solved in the upcoming monthly release. Use with caution.

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