Capacitive Touch Adapter

The Capacitive Touch Adapter is an add-on board for the Toradex carrier boards. The adapter can be used to connect capacitive touch interface signals between the display and the Colibri / Apalis carrier board which doesn’t feature capacitive touch connector on the carrier board.

Capacitive Touch Adapter


Compatible with Apalis and Colibri Family carrier boards

  • Adapter to connect Parallel Capacitive Touch Displays to Toradex Carrier Boards
  • 10 way FFC connector compatible with Toradex Capacitive Touch Connector
  • For more details refer the datasheet



Capacitive Touch Adapter

PN: 0151
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Supply Voltage
20 x 20 x 8.4 mm
-30° to 85° C
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1 : US$ 19,90

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Capacitive Touch Adapter
PN: 01511000
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Capacitive Touch Adapter for the new Parallel Capacitive Touch Displays. .

-30° to 85° C Temp, Range. Size: 20 x 20 x 8.4 mm.

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    US$ 19,90
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